The main aim of 'Sewa Parmo Dharm (trust) is to provide 'free of cost' medical assistance to those patients suffering from various critical diseases and who are from under poverty line., Till date, the trust, has succeeded in arranging at renowned hospitals of the country for the 'free of cost' treatment of the poor patients suffering from critical diseases viz. blood cancer, kidney deformities, heart ailments, lever disorders, plastic surgery bone marrow, related diseases etc. After treatment, these patients are now leading a normal life.  So far we have treated a number of cases viz., 450 Heart Cases, 2 cases of Elephantitis, 3 Cancer patients, 2 Brain Tumor, 10 Kidney Stone,  6 Spine Surgeries, 112 Medical Aids, 170 Economic Aids etc. All the expenses incurring upon the treatment of these patients have entirely been borne on behalf of the trust and the dream of curing these patients has turned into a reality only due to the 'honorable' donors around the country who had been kind enough in providing their contribution to the trust in the form of donations   You are also most humbly requested to contribute for the same and become a part of this virtuous deed. You, with the execution of the same would definitely be blessed by the poor and the needy people for this virtuous act of yours.