Why Sewa Parmo Dharm Trust

About us

Seva Parmo Dharam is a charitable trust that is working towards the betterment of children from the deprived sections of the society. There are many remote villages in Rajasthan; these villages do not even have access to basic need like electricity, telephones and sanitization. Children there are living without education, healthcare and nutrition facilities.

Seva Parmo Dharam provides an all inclusive orphanage campus to children who have nowhere to go or the children who are living a life deprived of basic necessities. So many families are not able to provide for a child’s proper upbringing and we help them by offering nourishment and nurturing of their child. Our campus has 200 children who are either orphans or come from deprived households.

What we do?

The children that are under the care and supervision of Seva Parmo Dharam are provided good quality mental, emotional and physical nourishment. The primary needs of these children can be classified as:


Quality education is a very important factor in the proper upbringing of children. We ensure that every child who lives with us receives good quality education. Learning is a lifestyle at our campus and we take it very seriously.


A growing kid is someone who needs a balanced diet the most. At Seva Parmo Dharam the nutrition of children is never taken for granted, we have special diet for our children. These menus and diet plans are made and approved by the experts. The food is prepared at the campus with quality ingredients and there is a set routine of meals and beverages that all the children follow.


When a child comes from a deprived background, he/she has many underlying health issues because of lack of nutrition and care. Also, many families cannot take care of a child who has some health issue that need constant medical assistance as they cannot afford the treatment. At Seva Parmo Dharam, we make sure to take care of every healthcare need of these children however small or big.