Since the time of its establishment on May 13, 2009, one of the objectives of Sewa Parmo Dharm (trust)  has been to work for the welfare of these poorest of the poor children by providing them with the best educational facilities to those 44 children who are residing at 'Apna Ghar' and 98 at 'Bhagwan Mahaveer Home for the Destitut of Sewa Parmo Dharm (trust) . In addition, the trust, at its own accord, deposits the school/college  of other students belonging to the  poor sections and want topursue their study and become self dependent in life.

One of the other objectives of the trust is to transform today's children into tomorrow's citizens. In this sequence, school and college fee is deposited on behalf of the trust or those children who are from the weakest sections of the society and who want to pursue their studies. Again, this is made possible with the immense contribution on the part of the humble donors. The trust, from time to time, through its website and through telephonic conversations make people aware about the patients and the students who are in need of the treatment and economic help respectively so as to enable them to contribute to the trust as per their wish and capacity.